Made in Japan

Made in Japan

Our products are manufactured in Japan, by artisan-level professionals.

cutting.jpgIWATA's products are manufactured in our own factories and at the factories of reliable partners, all in Japan. We use quality fabrics that are woven to on our own standard. IWATA Down Laboratory checks the fabrics thoroughly. The fabrics are cut one by one by craftmen, and sewn with lock-stitch sewing machines. Needles, yarn, and other tools are also carefully selected. Skilled professionals manufacture our bedding one by one with care and attention.


We only offer you products that meet strict standards in our laboratory.

lab1.jpg lab2.jpgThe IWATA Down Laboratory has contributed to our manufacturing for years. The Laboratory studies positive analysis for materials, and improves our products and techniques. We only use materials that pass numerous tests to ensure safety and performance. IWATA has been certified ISO9001 (the international quality management system) at our factories and at the IWATA Down Laboratory. Because of our strict quality controls, we can use natural materials and natural proccessing free from chemical agents, and create reliable and safe bedding.


We go to great lengths to detect harmful components in our raw materials.

oeko-tex-logo2.jpgEco-Tex is an international testing and certification system for screening harmful substances in textile products. IWATA has received Eco-Tex certification on each of our products. From fill materials to shell fabrics, threads to fasteners, every single material is tested to prove its purity and safety.